1.   Classify the pair of angles below.
    A. supplementary B. neither
    C. both D. complementary

  2.   Which drawing shows supplementary angles?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  3.   Angles RST and TSU are supplementary. If = 79°, find .
    A. 101° B. 11°
    C. 10° D. 110°

  4.   Fernando wants to hit a complicated pool shot so that the eight ball rebounds into the corner pocket. Find the missing angle measure in the diagram.
    A. 137° B. 94°
    C. 86° D. 107°

  5.   The county engineer is designing a new road to cross existing Oak Boulevard as shown in the diagram. What is the missing angle measure?
    A. 39° B. 15°
    C. 51° D. 41°

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