1.   Which drawing shows supplementary angles?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  2.   Angles RST and TSU are supplementary. If = 79°, find .
    A. 101° B. 11°
    C. 110° D. 10°

  3.   Find the value of x in the figure.
    A. 148° B. 32°
    C. 58° D. 23°

  4.   Fernando wants to hit a complicated pool shot so that the eight ball rebounds into the corner pocket. Find the missing angle measure in the diagram.
    A. 107° B. 94°
    C. 86° D. 137°

  5.   The county engineer is designing a new road to cross existing Oak Boulevard as shown in the diagram. What is the missing angle measure?
    A. 39° B. 15°
    C. 41° D. 51°

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