1.   Which of the following is not a characteristic of a rhombus.
    A. opposite sides congruent B. opposite sides parallel
    C. 4 congruent sides D. 4 right angles

  2.   Which statement is true?
    A. All trapezoids are parallelograms. B. All squares are rhombi.
    C. All parallelograms are rectangles. D. All rectangles are rhombi.

  3.   Which statement is not true?
    A. All rectangles are squares.
    B. All squares are rhombi.
    C. All rhombi are parallelograms.
    D. All trapezoids are quadrilaterals.

  4.   Find the missing measure in the quadrilateral below.
    A. 125° B. 105°
    C. 115° D. 65°

  5.   Find mN in quadrilateral MNOP if mM = 124°, mO = 88°, and mP = 63°.
    A. 85° B. 100°
    C. 88° D. 95°

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