1.   Find the value of x in the similar polygons below.
    A. 3 ft B. 6 ft
    C. 15 ft D. 9 ft

  2.   Triangles M and N are similar. The ratio of a side of triangle N to a corresponding side of triangle M is 4:3. The lengths of triangle M are
12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches. Find the perimeter of triangle N.
    A. 76 in. B. 84 in.
    C. 96 in. D. 72 in.

  3.   Find the value of d in the similar polygons below.
    A. 0.83 B. 15
    C. 19.683 D. 2.7

  4.   The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois is 1,454 feet tall. Its twin antennas reach an additional 253 feet. If a souvenir shop sells a replica of the Sears Tower that is 9 inches tall, how tall are the twin antennas on the replica?
    A. 0.13 ft B. 0.09 ft
    C. 1.57 ft D. 0.15 ft

  5.   The tallest tree in the United States is a Coast Redwood in Jedidiah Smith State Park in California. It is 321 feet tall. Suppose you are 5 feet 8 inches tall and cast a shadow that is 2 feet at a certain time of day. About how long is the tree’s shadow at the same time of day?
    A. 128 ft B. 118 ft
    C. 113 ft D. 910 ft

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