1.   Find the value of x in the similar polygons below.
    A. 9 ft B. 6 ft
    C. 3 ft D. 15 ft

  2.   Hakan is standing next to a building whose shadow is 15 feet long. If Hakan is 6 feet tall and is casting a shadow 2.5 feet long, how high is the building?
    A. 40 ft B. 36 ft
    C. 30 ft D. 24 ft

  3.   Find the value of d in the similar polygons below.
    A. 0.83 B. 15
    C. 2.7 D. 19.683

  4.   Find the value of m in the polygons below.
    A. 0.25 B. 1
    C. 1.76 D. 9.09

  5.   Pentagons P and Q are similar. The ratio of a side of pentagon P to a side of pentagon Q is 9:4. If the sides of Q are 8 units, 22 units, 16 units, 3 units, and 9 units, then what is the perimeter of P?
    A. 232 units B. 130.5 units
    C. 58 units D. 522 units

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