1.   What is the name of a polygon that has five sides?
    A. pentagon B. heptagon
    C. decagon D. nonagon

  2.   Choose the best description for the figure.
    A. regular polygon B. not a polygon
    C. semicircle D. polygon

  3.   In the tessellation shown below, name the polygons and determine how many of each type are at each vertex.
    A. 2 octagons and 1 square B. 1 octagon and 4 squares
    C. 4 octagons and 1 square D. 1 octagon and 2 squares

  4.   By drawing triangles, you can find that all of the measures of the angles in an octagon add up to 1080°. Find the measure of one angle in a regular octagon.
    A. 150° B. 1080°
    C. 135° D. 1072°

  5.   Which figure will tessellate?
    A. B.
    C. D.

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