1.   Which of the following statements does not necessarily describe a polygon?
    A. closed B. lines do not intersect
    C. symmetrical D. consists of 3 or more line segments

  2.   In the tessellation shown below, name the polygons and determine how many of each type are at each vertex.
    A. 1 octagon and 4 squares B. 2 octagons and 1 square
    C. 1 octagon and 2 squares D. 4 octagons and 1 square

  3.   Which puzzle piece will tessellate?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  4.   By drawing triangles, you can find that all of the measures of the angles in an octagon add up to 1080°. Find the measure of one angle in a regular octagon.
    A. 150° B. 135°
    C. 1080° D. 1072°

  5.   Which of the following angle measures represents the angles of a regular polygon that can be used to make a tessellation?
    A. 144° B. 108°
    C. 60° D. 140°

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