1.   What is the third step in the 4-step plan to solve problems?
    A. Plan B. Examine
    C. Solve D. Explore

  2.   Write an equation for the second number is 3 times the first. Let x represent the first number and let y represent the second number.
    A. y = x + 3 B. xy = 3
    C. x = 3y D. y = 3x

  3.   Pizzas are sold according to the length of their diameters. What is the circumference of a 14-inch pizza?
    A. 88 in. B. 22 in.
    C. 28 in. D. 44 in.

  4.   Marja bicycled 7 hours a day for 14 days. She traveled 294 miles. What is her unit rate of travel per day?
    A. 3 miles per day B. 42 miles per day
    C. 21 miles per day D. 2 miles per day

  5.   Which of the following angle measures represent the angles of a regular polygon that can be used to make a tessellation?
    A. 150° B. 90°
    C. 135° D. 144°

  6.   Find the interest earned if $580 is placed in a savings account at 4.8% simple interest for years.
    A. $48.72 B. $14.50
    C. $69.60 D. $27.84

  7.   Four coins are tossed. How many outcomes have two tails and two heads?
    A. 8 B. 10
    C. 6 D. 16

  8.   Find the number of ways a family of 4 can stand next to each other for a photograph.
    A. 76 B. 24
    C. 10 D. 120

  9.   Find the area of the rectangle with length 13 units and width 3 units.
    A. 9 units2 B. 39 units2
    C. 16 units2 D. 13 units2

  10.   Solve x = -9 - (-7).
    A. -16 B. 2
    C. -2 D. 16

  11.   Solve v = -8(4).
    A. -12 B. -32
    C. 12 D. 32

  12.   Find the perimeter of a rectangle with length 5 miles and width 2 miles.
    A. 5 miles B. 14 miles
    C. 7 miles D. 10 miles

  13.   Kira has a 17.5-gallon gasoline tank in her car. She feels comfortable driving until she only has one gallon left, and then she fills up her tank again. If she starts with a full tank and then travels 182 miles on her first 7 gallons of gas, how much farther can she go before she only has one gallon of gasoline left in her tank?
    A. 247 B. 200
    C. 365 D. 123.5

  14.   The scale on a blueprint is 1 cm for every 2 m. If the width of an arch is to be 5 m, then how wide should it be drawn on the blueprint?
    A. 2.5 cm B. 2.5 m
    C. 10 cm D. 0.2 cm

  15.   Brianna calculated her English grade to be exactly %. Write this percent as a fraction in simplest form.
    A. B.
    C. D.

  16.   In the tessellation below, name the polygons and determine how many of each type are at each vertex.
    A. none of the other choices; different vertices have different polygons forming them
    B. six triangles
    C. one hexagon and four triangles
    D. two triangles and two hexagons

  17.   A certain container of mouthwash usually costs $2.99 at a store. If it is on sale for 20% off, how much does the mouthwash cost now?
    A. $2.75 B. $2.40
    C. $3.74 D. $2.77

  18.   Find × 4 written in simplest form.
    A. B.
    C. D. 1

  19.   Find ÷ 5 written in simplest form.
    A. B. 8
    C. 3 D.

  20.   The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois is 1,454 feet tall. Its twin antennas reach an additional 253 feet. If a souvenir shop sells a replica of the Sears Tower that is 9 inches tall, how tall are the twin antennas on the replica?
    A. 0.15 ft B. 0.09 ft
    C. 0.13 ft D. 1.57 ft

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