1.   Find the missing measure in a right triangle if a = 9 ft and b = 12 ft.
    A. 10 ft B. 13 ft
    C. 17 ft D. 15 ft

  2.   If the hypotenuse of a right triangle has measure 38 inches, and one of the legs has measure 23.4 inches, find the length of the other leg to the nearest tenth of an inch.
    A. 14.6 inches B. 44.6 inches
    C. 896.4 inches D. 29.9 inches

  3.   Find the missing measure to the nearest tenth.
    A. 4.0 units B. 5.8 units
    C. 34.1 units D. 8.5 units

  4.   The following are lengths of sides of various triangles. Which one is a right triangle?
    A. 5, 19, 25 B. 3, 4, 7
    C. 18, 24, 30 D. 8, 9, 10

  5.   Many baseball diamonds have 90 feet between each of the bases. At each base, one must turn 90? to get to the next base. So the points at home plate, first base, and second base form a right triangle. To the nearest foot, how long is the hypotenuse, which is the distance between home plate and second base?
    A. 8100 feet B. 90 feet
    C. 162 feet D. 127 feet

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