1.   Find the area of the parallelogram.
    A. 256 square meters B. 80 square meters
    C. 128 square meters D. 160 square meters

  2.   Find the area of a parallelogram with a base of 5 meters and a height of 3 meters.
    A. 9 square meters B. 15 square meters
    C. 25 square meters D. 8 square meters

  3.   Find the length of the base of a parallelogram with height 8 units and area 88 units.
    A. 12 units B. 6 units
    C. 11 units D. 80 units

  4.   The parallelogram shown has a base of 10 in. and a height of 4 in. Find its area.
    A. 28 in2 B. 28 in.
    C. 40 in. D. 40 in2

  5.   Find the area of the parallelogram below. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.
    A. 16.7 yd2 B. 5.2 yd2
    C. 59.8 yd2 D. 21 yd2

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