1.   Find the area of a trapezoid with bases 3 inches and 8 inches and height 4 inches.
    A. 11 in2 B. 22 in2
    C. 44 in2 D. 35 in2

  2.   Find the area of the figure.
    A. 60 ft2 B. 36 ft2
    C. 42 ft2 D. 30 ft2

  3.   Jeremy wants to hang baseball pennants of his favorite teams on his bedroom wall. Each pennant is triangular shaped with a base of 24 inches (2 feet) and a height of six inches . If he has 8 pennants, how many square feet of wall space will he use?
    A. 8 ft2
    B. 0.5 ft2
    C. 4 ft2
    D. 2 ft2

  4.   Find the area of the figure. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
    A. 9.5 km2 B. 19.2 km2
    C. 19.3 km2 D. 9.6 km2

  5.   Find the area of the figure.
    A. 44 cm2 B. 28 cm2
    C. 22 cm2 D. 16 cm2

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