1.   Evaluate c + 5 if c = 3.
    A. 8 B. c + 3
    C. 5 D. 3

  2.   Express as a percent.
    A. 40% B. 400%
    C. 4% D. 0.4%

  3.   What integer represents a loss of 15 yards in football?
    A. |15| B. |-15|
    C. -15 D. 15

  4.   Write an equation for the second number is 3 times the first. Let x represent the first number and let y represent the second number.
    A. xy = 3 B. x = 3y
    C. y = x + 3 D. y = 3x

  5.   Find the perimeter of a rectangle with length 14 centimeters and width
9 centimeters.
    A. 53 cm B. 23 cm
    C. 46 cm D. 30 cm

  6.   Which of the following is a unit rate?
    A. 300 miles in 5 hours B. 17 heartbeats in 15 seconds
    C. 60 Calories per serving D. 2 hamburgers for $2.00

  7.   Find the value of x in the similar polygons below.
    A. 8 m B. 7.5 m
    C. 6 m D. 4.5 m

  8.   Hakan is standing next to a building whose shadow is 15 feet long. If Hakan is 6 feet tall and is casting a shadow 2.5 feet long, how high is the building?
    A. 30 ft B. 40 ft
    C. 36 ft D. 24 ft

  9.   The area of a square is 289 square meters. Find the perimeter.
    A. 64 m B. 72 m
    C. 68 m D. 76 m

  10.   Which number is closest to 8?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  11.   Maurice rode his bike for of a mile, Malia rode her bike for of a mile, and Daniela rode her bike for of a mile. Who rode farthest?
    A. Malia B. Daniela
    C. They all rode the same distance. D. Maurice

  12.   Shuo ran 5 km in 20 min, Poloma ran 15 km in 40 min, and Keisha ran 3 km in 15 min. Who had the highest average speed?
    A. Poloma
    B. None of them; they all ran at the same average speed.
    C. Keisha
    D. Shuo

  13.   In the tessellation below, name the polygons and determine how many of each type are at each vertex.
    A. none of the other choices; different vertices have different polygons forming them
    B. six triangles
    C. two triangles and two hexagons
    D. one hexagon and four triangles

  14.   Find the area of the figure. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
    A. 19.2 km2 B. 9.5 km2
    C. 19.3 km2 D. 9.6 km2

  15.   The land areas of the seven continents are shown. What is the angle measure of the segment of a circle graph measuring Antarctica's land area? Round to the nearest degree.
    A. 35° B. 33°
    C. 32° D. 34°

  16.   Graph the solution of 18 = on a number line.
    A. B.
    C. D.

  17.   Make a stem-and-leaf-plot of the prices of DVD players listed in the table.

  18.   Evaluate |10| + |-12|.
    A. -22 B. 2
    C. 22 D. -2

  19.   Fernando wants to hit a complicated pool shot so that the eight ball rebounds into the corner pocket. Find the missing angle measure in the diagram.
    A. 94° B. 86°
    C. 107° D. 137°

  20.   Find the area of the circle below. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 167.4 ft2 B. 153.9 ft2
    C. 159.3 ft2 D. 45.9 ft2

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