1.   Determine the volume of the figure below.
    A. 64 cubic units B. 42 cubic units
    C. 56 cubic units D. 48 cubic units

  2.   Find the volume of a rectangular prism that is 2.5 meters long, 4.4 meters wide, and 1.8 meters high
    A. 16.4 m3 B. 17.2 m3
    C. 20.6 m3 D. 19.8 m3

  3.   What is the volume of a cube whose edges are inches long?
    A. 108 in3 B.
    C. D.

  4.   Find the volume of the figure below.
    A. 40 ft3 B. 120 ft3
    C. 14,400 ft3 D. 24 ft3

  5.   A bathtub can hold 4 cubic meters of water. How tall is the bathtub if its length is 2 meters and its width is 1 meters?
    A. 1 m B. 1 m
    C. 1 m D. 1 m

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