1.   How many cubic feet of water are needed to fill a swimming pool 24 feet long and 15 feet wide to a depth of 5 feet?
    A. 1940 B. 1800
    C. 1880 D. 2110

  2.   What is the volume of a cube whose edges are inches long?
    A. B. 108 in3
    C. D.

  3.   Determine the length of a rectangular prism whose width is 5 mm and whose height is 18 mm, if the volume of the prism is 540 mm3.
    A. 6 mm B. 90 mm
    C. 517 mm D. 13 mm

  4.   Find the volume of the tissue box below. Round to the nearest tenth of a centimeter if necessary.
    A. 2,650.8 cm3 B. 2,560.8 cm3
    C. 2,667.0 cm3 D. 2,666.0 cm3

  5.   A bathtub can hold 4 cubic meters of water. How tall is the bathtub if its length is 2 meters and its width is 1 meters?
    A. 1 m B. 1 m
    C. 1 m D. 1 m

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