1.   How many cubic feet of sand are required to fill a round sandbox that is 4 feet across and foot deep?
    A. 100.5 ft3 B. 18.8 ft3
    C. 37.7 ft3 D. 9.4 ft3

  2.   Find the volume of a cylindrical fuel storage tank that has a radius of
9 meters and a height of 14 meters.
    A. 5541.8 m3 B. 14,250.3 m3
    C. 890.6 m3 D. 3562.6 m3

  3.   What is the diameter of a cylinder that has a volume of 20,000 cubic millimeters and a height of 110 millimeters?
    A. 15.2 mm B. 21.1 mm
    C. 12.5 mm D. 18.7 mm

  4.   How deep is a cylindrical swimming pool with a diameter of 14 ft and a volume of 923.6 ft3?
    A. 21 ft B. 6 ft
    C. 5 ft D. 1.5 ft

  5.   Chandra is cooking tomato soup. She has a cylindrical pot, which she wants to fill of the way to the top. The pot is 10 inches in diameter and 16 inches tall. 231 in3 = 1 gallon, so how many gallons of tomato soup should Chandra make? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
    A. 942.4 gallons B. 16.3 gallons
    C. 4.1 gallons D. 5.4 gallons

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