1.   Determine the surface area of the figure below.
    A. 17 ft2 B. 14 ft2
    C. 15 ft2 D. 19 ft2

  2.   A box used to ship computers from the manufacturer to stores is
20 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 12 inches high. What is the surface area of the box?
    A. 2016 in2 B. 5760 in2
    C. 1008 in2 D. 11,520 in2

  3.   A gift that you have purchased for your friend is in a box that is 5 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 9 inches tall. How much wrapping paper will cover the entire box?
    A. 99 in2 B. 258 in2
    C. 200 in2 D. 270 in2

  4.   Marcus wants to make a birdhouse in the shape of a rectangular prism out of balsa wood. He wants it to be 1.5 feet tall, 0.75 feet wide, and 1 foot long. How many square feet of balsa wood does Marcus need?
    A. 6.75 ft2 B. 6.5 ft2
    C. 1.125 ft2 D. 0.5 ft2

  5.   When compact discs are bought new, they generally have a clear plastic wrapper that covers the entire case. If a compact disc case is 1 cm thick, 12.5 cm wide, and 14 cm long, how much plastic wrapping covered the case?
    A. 55 cm2 B. 350 cm2
    C. 403 cm2 D. 175 cm2

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