1.   Find the surface area of the cylinder below to the nearest tenth.
    A. 2513.3 cm2 B. 5026.5 cm2
    C. 1256.6 cm2 D. 1658.8 cm2

  2.   What is the surface area of a cylinder whose base has diameter 8 feet and whose height is 4 feet?
    A. 247.3 ft2 B. 301.6 ft2
    C. 100.5 ft2 D. 201.1 ft2

  3.   What is the least amount of wrapping necessary to cover a cylindrical piece of candy 47 millimeters long with a radius of 3 millimeters? Round to the nearest tenth of a millimeter.
    A. 942.5 mm2 B. 914.2 mm2
    C. 2,676.6 mm2 D. 904.8 mm2

  4.   A can of peas is 3.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. How much paper is needed to make the label for the can? Round to the nearest tenth of an inch.
    A. 12.4 in2 B. 49.5 in2
    C. 16.5 in2 D. 33.0 in2

  5.   The amount of metal used to make a cylindrical barrel is 603.2 square feet. Find the height of the barrel if its radius is 6 feet. Round to the nearest foot.
    A. 15 ft B. 20 ft
    C. 12 ft D. 10 ft

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