1.   Find the surface area of the figure below.
    A. 268.6 in2 B. 298.5 in2
    C. 141.4 in2 D. 283.5 in2

  2.   What is the surface area of a cylinder whose base has radius 3 units and whose height is 7 units.
    A. 188.5 units squared
    B. 439.8 units squared
    C. 263.9 units squared
    D. 131.9 units squared

  3.   A cylindrical popcorn container with an open top has a height of 26 centimeters and a diameter of 10 centimeters. Find the surface area of the container to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
    A. 2,261.9 cm2 B. 1,947.8 cm2
    C. 895.4 cm2 D. 973.9 cm2

  4.   What is the least amount of wrapping necessary to cover a cylindrical piece of candy 47 millimeters long with a radius of 3 millimeters? Round to the nearest tenth of a millimeter.
    A. 914.2 mm2 B. 904.8 mm2
    C. 942.5 mm2 D. 2,676.6 mm2

  5.   The amount of metal used to make a cylindrical barrel is 603.2 square feet. Find the height of the barrel if its radius is 6 feet. Round to the nearest foot.
    A. 20 ft B. 10 ft
    C. 15 ft D. 12 ft

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