1.   Identify the precision unit of the ruler below.
    A. in. B. in.
    C. 4 in. D. in.

  2.   Identify the precision unit of the graduated cylinder below.
    A. 1 mL B. 5 mL
    C. 2 mL D. 0.5 mL

  3.   Identify the weight shown on the scale using significant digits.
    A. 8.6 kg B. 8.7 kg
    C. 8.65 kg D. 8 kg

  4.   Identify the measure shown on the graduated cylinder using significant digits.
    A. 16 mL B. 20 mL
    C. 16.53 mL D. 16.5 mL

  5.   Maurice Greene of the United States won the 100-meter run in the 2000 Olympics with a time of 9.87 seconds. How many significant digits are in this measurement?
    A. 8 B. 3
    C. 9 D. 7

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