1.   Find the lower quartile for the quiz scores.
    A. 3 B. 13
    C. 12 D. 17

  2.   A realtor is examining data on average home prices in four separate neighborhoods for the past year. Which graph gives the most accurate representation of the home prices in a neighborhood?

  3.   Express as a percent.
    A. 15% B. 3%
    C. 8% D. 83%

  4.   Solve
    A. B.
    C. D.

  5.   Write 0.234 as a percent.
    A. 23.4% B. 234%
    C. 23% D. 2.34%

  6.   Angles A and B are supplementary. If = 45, find .
    A. 75° B. 90°
    C. 45° D. 135°

  7.   In how many ways can 8 CDs be stacked?
    A. 288 B. 40,320
    C. 9216 D. 36

  8.   Luis Gonzales plays baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks. After 20 games one season, he had 11 homeruns. Predict how many homeruns he will have after 100 games.
    A. 22 B. 55
    C. 100 D. 220

  9.   What is the greatest common factor of 20x2 and 32x3?
    A. 8x B. 8x3
    C. 4x2 D. 4x

  10.   Find the perimeter of the figure.
    A. 15 km B. 8 km
    C. 16 km D. 13 km

  11.   Classify the angle below.
    A. obtuse B. straight
    C. right D. acute

  12.   The manager of a computer store analyzed software sales by category for the past month. The results are shown below. If the total sales were 182 software packages last month, how many educational software packages were sold?
    A. 31 B. 26
    C. 36 D. 30

  13.   Chandra is cooking tomato soup. She has a cylindrical pot, which she wants to fill of the way to the top. The pot is 10 inches in diameter and 16 inches tall. 231 in3 = 1 gallon, so how many gallons of tomato soup should Chandra make? Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
    A. 4.1 gallons B. 942.4 gallons
    C. 5.4 gallons D. 16.3 gallons

  14.   A friend of yours has 26 slips of paper, one with each letter of the alphabet on it. You randomly select six of them, not replacing any. What is the probability that all six letters that you choose are consonants ('y' is a consonant, not a vowel)?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  15.   Evaluate if y = 16 and z = -4.
    A. 9 B. -1
    C. 1 D. -9

  16.   What value of y makes -y = - a true sentence?
    A. - B.
    C. D. -

  17.   Find the ratio 15 to 12 written as a fraction in simplest form.
    A. B. 1
    C. D.

  18.   Find the area of the semicircle below. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 32.2 in2 B. 64.3 in2
    C. 16.1 in2 D. 10.1 in2

  19.   Identify the precision unit of the scale below.
    A. 0.5 oz B. 0.3 oz
    C. 0.25 oz D. 1 oz

  20.   Find the slope of the line that passes through each pair of points.
    A. -5 B.
    C. 5 D. -

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