1.   What would you predict your heart rate would be if you exercise 40 minutes per day?
    A. 0 B. 120
    C. 10 D. 50

  2.   How can a line graph be used to make predictions?
    A. It has a title.
    B. It shows a trend over time.
    C. It has vertical and horizontal scales.
    D. It displays data.

  3.   Jordan runs 2 miles every day. He is tracking his progress on the graph below. Describe the trend in his running times over the last six months.
    A. It takes Jordan less time to run 2 miles now than when he started.
    B. Jordan is spending more time running every day.
    C. Jordan is running fewer miles now than when he started.
    D. There is no relationship.

  4.   How much money do you predict Classic Comics will make on the Internet in July?
    A. $110 B. $120
    C. $130 D. $100

  5.   In what month will Classic Comics probably begin to make more than $150 on the Internet?
    A. October B. December
    C. September D. November

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