1.   Refer to the set of data below. If 15 were removed from the set of data, which values would change?
    A. mode B. range and mean
    C. range D. mean, median, and range

  2.   Find the median of {55, 21, 21, 69, 71}.
    A. 71 B. 55
    C. 47.4 D. 21

  3.   You have scores of 62, 75, and 90 on three of your history exams. What do you need to get on your fourth exam in order to have a mean of 80?
    A. 80 B. 97
    C. 100 D. 93

  4.   The mean is the _______ of a set of numbers.
    A. highest number B. arithmetic average
    C. most frequent D. middle number

  5.   What is the median for a set of quiz scores?
    A. 16 B. 15
    C. 13 D. 17

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