1.   Refer to the set of data below. If 15 were removed from the set of data, which values would change?
    A. mean, median, and range B. range and mean
    C. mode D. range

  2.   What is the median for a set of quiz scores?
    A. 17 B. 15
    C. 13 D. 16

  3.   Find the mean of {15, 7, 9, 25, 4}.
    A. 13 B. 9
    C. 12 D. 10

  4.   Ben races motorcycles for fun. So far, his lap times, in seconds, are 32, 35, 33, and 32. What time must Ben get on his final lap for his average lap time to be 32.6?
    A. 31 B. 33
    C. 32.6 D. 32

  5.   The median is the __________ of a set of numbers.
    A. highest number B. most frequent number
    C. arithmetic average D. middle number

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