1.   Which interval has the most values?
    A. 10-19 B. 90-99
    C. 60-69 D. 70-79

  2.   What does 9|4 mean?
    A. 904 B. 49
    C. 9/4 D. 94

  3.   What is the difference between the highest and the lowest values?
    A. 84 B. 75
    C. 80 D. 100

  4.   If the number 178,651 is rounded to 179,000 and plotted on a stem and leaf plot as 17|9, how would you plot 151,205?
    A. 15|2 B. 151|2
    C. 15|1 D. 1|15

  5.   The stem-and-leaf plot shows the bowling scores of one round of a bowling meet. Choose the statement that best describes how the data are spread out.
    A. The bowling scores are evenly spread out between 116 and 168.
    B. The mode represents the average bowling score.
    C. The majority of bowlers scored 149 points or less.
    D. The majority of bowlers scored 149 points or greater.

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