1.   A graph is misleading if ______.
    A. there are no labels on either scale B. it is a line graph with years labeled on the horizontal axis
    C. it has a title D. it is a bar graph

  2.   Which is not a reason that measures of central tendency for a set of data can be misleading?
    A. inaccurate data B. too much data
    C. outliers in the data D. incomplete data

  3.   Which statistic gives the most meaningful information about the central tendency of the data {23, 25, 26, 26, 27, 29, 29, 30, 450, 450, 450}?
    A. median B. range
    C. mode D. mean

  4.   An automobile dealer wants to sell a certain car for $20,000. If three other dealers in town are selling the same car for $15,000, $15,000, and $30,000, which measure of central should the car dealer use to describe this data to his customers?
    A. mean B. median
    C. range D. mode

  5.   Both bar graphs show the amount it costs to heat a two-story house during the winter. Which graph is misleading? Explain.
    A. Graph A; the months are not ordered from greatest to least cost.
    B. Graph B; the months are not ordered from least to greatest cost.
    C. Graph A; there is no break in the vertical scale, the cost of heating the house in December and February are about the same.
    D. Graph B; there is a break in the vertical scale, the cost of heating the house in January appears to be much greater than heating the house in November.

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