1.   Solve the equation shown by the model.
    A. x = -4 B. x = -6
    C. x = -3 D. x = -15

  2.   Solve 5x = 40.
    A. 9 B. 8
    C. 35 D. 6

  3.   African elephants can weigh up to 16,500 pounds. They weigh about 1.5 times more than Indian elephants. Use the equation 1.5w = 16,500 to find the weight of the Indian elephant.
    A. 8,250 lbs B. 12,500 lbs
    C. 14,000 lbs D. 11,000 lbs

  4.   Teresa is competing in a bicycle race which is 12 miles long. If her speed is an average of 3 miles per hour, how long will it take her to finish the race? Use the equation d = rt where d is the distance in miles, r is the average speed in miles per hour, and t is the time in hours.
    A. 4 hours B. 3 hours
    C. 2.5 hours D. 3.5 hours

  5.   One gallon is four times as much as one quart. A gallon of water weighs about eight pounds. Use the equation 4q = 8 to find out about how much a quart of water weighs.
    A. 2 pounds B. 4 pounds
    C. 8 pounds D. 1 pounds

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