1.   Write a percent to represent the shaded area.
    A. 64% B. 16%
    C. 4% D. 100%

  2.   Express as a percent.
    A. 35% B. 350%
    C. 3.5% D. 0.35%

  3.   Express 31 per hundred as a percent.
    A. 31 B. 31%
    C. 0.31% D. 31%

  4.   The groundskeeper for a professional football team is very careless. He paints one of the end zones and keeps on painting on the regular playing field. If he paints 12 yards of the 100-yard football field all the way across before he stops and notices, what percent of the playing field did he accidentally paint?
    A. 12% B. 0.12%
    C. 0.06% D. 6%

  5.   Express 70% as a fraction.
    A. B.
    C. D.

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