1.   Write 0.234 as a percent.
    A. 23% B. 23.4%
    C. 2.34% D. 234%

  2.   Express 56% as a decimal.
    A. 0.56 B. 0.0056
    C. 5.6 D. 0.056

  3.   Students at Appleton Middle School recently voted for a school mascot. The results are shown in the circle graph below. Which mascot received 30% of the votes?
    A. tiger B. bull
    C. lion D. stallion

  4.   Express 0.47 as a percent.
    A. 47% B. 4.7%
    C. 0.47% D. 470%

  5.   The pie graph shows the percentage of people found in a survey to prefer certain colors of candy to others. Write the percentage of people who preferred red candy as a decimal.
    A. 0.21 B. 2.1
    C. 5.0 D. 0.5

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