1.   Find .
    A. B.
    C. D.

  2.   David, Scott, and Roger are going camping for the weekend. They bought 3 pounds of ground beef to make hamburgers on the grill. If an average hamburger weighs pound, how many hamburgers can they make? Draw a model to solve the problem.
    A. 12 B. 8
    C. 9 D. 10

  3.   The APR or annual percentage rate of some credit cards is percent. What is the average monthly rate the credit card company charges for purchases?
    A. % B. 2%
    C. % D. %

  4.   Find ÷ 5 written in simplest form.
    A. B. 3
    C. 8 D.

  5.   Find 1 ÷ written in simplest form.
    A. B. 2
    C. 1 D. 2

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