1.   Find the perimeter and then round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 15.84 m B. 15 m
    C. 16 m D. 15.8 m

  2.   The length of a rectangle measures feet. The width measures 30 inches. Find the perimeter of the rectangle.
    A. ft B. 5 ft
    C. 8 ft D. ft

  3.   Find the perimeter of the figure.
    A. 26 yd B. 13 yd
    C. 22 yd D. 18 yd

  4.   Find the perimeter of the parallelogram below.
    A. 20 units B. 208 units
    C. 64 units D. 40 units

  5.   Find the perimeter of a rectangle with length 1 yard and width feet.
    A. 3 feet B. 3 yards
    C. 2.5 yards D. 2.5 feet

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