1.   Pizzas are sold according to the length of their diameters. What is the circumference of a 14-inch pizza?
    A. 88 in. B. 22 in.
    C. 44 in. D. 28 in.

  2.   Laura is painting a round floor cloth to resemble a globe for her bedroom floor. She wants to sew seam binding around the edges to keep the cloth from unraveling. If the radius of the cloth is 3 yards, how much binding should she buy?
    A. 24 yd B. 10 yd
    C. 19 yd D. 29 yd

  3.   Find the circumference of a circle with diameter . Use .
    A. B.
    C. D.

  4.   Find the circumference of the circle. Use 3.14 for .
    A. 25.12 mi B. 12.56 mi
    C. 50.27 mi D. 7.14 mi

  5.   Aisha and McKinley are building a robot. It has wheels that have a radius of 7 inches. They need to know the distance the robot will travel for each revolution of the wheels. How far is this distance?
    A. 154 inches B. 44 inches
    C. 22 inches D. 17 inches

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