1.   The diameter of a child's circular wading pool is feet. What is the circumference of the pool? Use .
    A. feet B. feet
    C. feet D. 3 feet

  2.   Find the circumference of the circle. Use for .
    A. 126 mm B. 66 mm
    C. 21 mm D. 132 mm

  3.   Find the circumference of a cookie with a diameter of in. Use .
    A. in. B. in.
    C. in. D. in.

  4.   Sara's mother, Shenequa, is making Sara a cake for her birthday. She wants to put a border of blue icing around the cake. How long does it need to be if the cake has a radius of in.? Use .
    A. 33 in. B. in.
    C. 15 in. D. in.

  5.   Find the circumference of the circle. Use 3.14 for .
    A. 12.56 mi B. 50.27 mi
    C. 7.14 mi D. 25.12 mi

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