1.   Find the circumference of a circle with a diameter of feet. Use .
    A. feet B. feet
    C. feet D. feet

  2.   Mrs. Torres wants to put up a fence around her circular flower garden. How much fencing should she buy? Round your answer to the nearest foot.
    A. 18 feet B. 17 feet
    C. 19 feet D. 16 feet

  3.   Find the circumference of a cookie with a diameter of in. Use .
    A. in. B. in.
    C. in. D. in.

  4.   Sara's mother, Shenequa, is making Sara a cake for her birthday. She wants to put a border of blue icing around the cake. How long does it need to be if the cake has a radius of in.? Use .
    A. in. B. 15 in.
    C. 33 in. D. in.

  5.   Find the circumference of a circle with diameter 4 ft.
    A. 50.27 ft B. 7.14 ft
    C. 25.13 ft D. 12.57 ft

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