1.   Find the approximate distance between Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California, if the map distance is 4.75 inches and the scale is
1 inch = 75 miles.
    A. 475 mi B. 400 mi
    C. 356 mi D. 375 mi

  2.   Find the length of a closet on a scale drawing if the closet is 12 meters wide and the scale is 1 centimeter = 4.5 meters. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 2.5 cm B. 3.6 cm
    C. 2.7 cm D. 3.4 cm

  3.   An architect's scale model shows a building that is 4.5 inches high. If the scale is 1 inch = 350 feet, how high will the actual building be?
    A. 900 ft B. 78 ft
    C. 1,575 ft D. 1,250 ft

  4.   T.J. likes cars a lot. He draws his favorite car on a scale drawing. In the drawing, the scale is 2 inches for each foot. If the drawing is 23 inches long, how long is the actual car?
    A. 11.5 ft B. 46 ft
    C. 11.5 in. D. 13 ft

  5.   The scale on a blueprint is 1 cm for every 2 m. If the width of an arch is to be 5 m, then how wide should it be drawn on the blueprint?
    A. 2.5 cm B. 10 cm
    C. 0.2 cm D. 2.5 m

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