1.   The Gordons are building a deck in their back yard. They want it to be 10 feet wide and 15 feet long. If the scale on the blueprint is1 inch = 2.5 feet, what should the dimensions be in the scale drawing?
    A. w = 4 in., = 5 in. B. w = 25 in., = 37.5 in.
    C. w = 3 in., = 5 in. D. w = 4 in., = 6 in.

  2.   T.J. likes cars a lot. He draws his favorite car on a scale drawing. In the drawing, the scale is 2 inches for each foot. If the drawing is 23 inches long, how long is the actual car?
    A. 46 ft B. 13 ft
    C. 11.5 in. D. 11.5 ft

  3.   If the scale on a map is 1 cm for every 117 km and Washington, D.C., and Baghdad, Iraq, are 85.26 cm apart on the map, then approximately how far apart are they really?
    A. 9,975 m B. 9.975 m
    C. 9,975 cm D. 9,975 km

  4.   Mr. Navarro is a landscaper. He uses a computer program to generate scale drawings of his plans. If the scale on a particular drawing is 3 cm for each meter and Mr. Navarro wants to plant a hedge that runs along the side of a building and is 13 m long, how long should the drawing of the hedge on the program be?
    A. 23 cm B. 12.3 cm
    C. 30 cm D. 39 cm

  5.   Find the scale factor of a blueprint if the scale is 3 inches = 6 feet.
    A. B.
    C. D.

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