1.   Find the length of a closet on a scale drawing if the closet is 12 meters wide and the scale is 1 centimeter = 4.5 meters. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 2.5 cm B. 3.6 cm
    C. 3.4 cm D. 2.7 cm

  2.   Katie is on a hiking trip. She wants to go from Panther's Peak to Coyote Caverns. On her map, the two sites are 4 inches apart and the scale is
1 inch = 0.5 mile. How far will she have to walk?
    A. 4 mi B. 2 mi
    C. 8 mi D. 6 mi

  3.   An architect's scale model shows a building that is 4.5 inches high. If the scale is 1 inch = 350 feet, how high will the actual building be?
    A. 1,575 ft B. 1,250 ft
    C. 78 ft D. 900 ft

  4.   If the scale on a map is 1 cm for every 117 km and Washington, D.C., and Baghdad, Iraq, are 85.26 cm apart on the map, then approximately how far apart are they really?
    A. 9,975 km B. 9,975 cm
    C. 9,975 m D. 9.975 m

  5.   Find the scale factor of a blueprint if the scale is 3 inches = 6 feet.
    A. B.
    C. D.

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