1.   Katie is on a hiking trip. She wants to go from Panther's Peak to Coyote Caverns. On her map, the two sites are 4 inches apart and the scale is
1 inch = 0.5 mile. How far will she have to walk?
    A. 6 mi B. 8 mi
    C. 2 mi D. 4 mi

  2.   The Gordons are building a deck in their back yard. They want it to be 10 feet wide and 15 feet long. If the scale on the blueprint is1 inch = 2.5 feet, what should the dimensions be in the scale drawing?
    A. w = 4 in., = 6 in. B. w = 4 in., = 5 in.
    C. w = 25 in., = 37.5 in. D. w = 3 in., = 5 in.

  3.   If the scale on a map is 1 inch for every 58 miles, and Baltimore, Maryland, and Los Angeles, California, are 2313.5 miles apart, approximately how far apart should they be on the map?
    A. 132.37 inches B. 40 miles
    C. 30.08 inches D. 39.89 inches

  4.   The scale on a blueprint is 1 cm for every 2 m. If the width of an arch is to be 5 m, then how wide should it be drawn on the blueprint?
    A. 10 cm B. 2.5 cm
    C. 0.2 cm D. 2.5 m

  5.   Find the scale factor of a construction plan if the scale is 0.75 centimeters = 3 meters.
    A. B.
    C. D.

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