1.   Katie is on a hiking trip. She wants to go from Panther's Peak to Coyote Caverns. On her map, the two sites are 4 inches apart and the scale is
1 inch = 0.5 mile. How far will she have to walk?
    A. 6 mi B. 4 mi
    C. 8 mi D. 2 mi

  2.   The Gordons are building a deck in their back yard. They want it to be 10 feet wide and 15 feet long. If the scale on the blueprint is1 inch = 2.5 feet, what should the dimensions be in the scale drawing?
    A. w = 25 in., = 37.5 in. B. w = 4 in., = 5 in.
    C. w = 3 in., = 5 in. D. w = 4 in., = 6 in.

  3.   If the scale on a map is 1 cm for every 117 km and Washington, D.C., and Baghdad, Iraq, are 85.26 cm apart on the map, then approximately how far apart are they really?
    A. 9,975 km B. 9,975 m
    C. 9,975 cm D. 9.975 m

  4.   The scale on a blueprint is 1 cm for every 2 m. If the width of an arch is to be 5 m, then how wide should it be drawn on the blueprint?
    A. 10 cm B. 2.5 cm
    C. 2.5 m D. 0.2 cm

  5.   Mr. Navarro is a landscaper. He uses a computer program to generate scale drawings of his plans. If the scale on a particular drawing is 3 cm for each meter and Mr. Navarro wants to plant a hedge that runs along the side of a building and is 13 m long, how long should the drawing of the hedge on the program be?
    A. 39 cm B. 12.3 cm
    C. 30 cm D. 23 cm

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