1.   Jacki scored 14 goals in 18 attempts in soccer this season. About what percent of her attempts were goals?
    A. 85% B. 60%
    C. 75% D. 50%

  2.   After changing its format, a radio station lost 34% of its listeners. If there were an estimated 83,000 listeners originally, how many listeners does the radio station have now?
    A. 125,758 B. 49,000
    C. 54,780 D. 28,220

  3.   If a jacket is on sale for 30% off the regular price of $65.49, how much is the discount?
    A. $19.65 B. $30.00
    C. $45.85 D. $21.83

  4.   An appliance store will sell televisions on credit with no payment due for 1 year from the date of purchase. What is the total cost of a $599 television after 1 year if the store charges 22.5% simple interest and no payments are made?
    A. $464.23 B. $733.78
    C. $134.78 D. $772.91

  5.   Determine the amount of interest owed after 2 years on a $850 loan at % if no payments are made.
    A. $745.87 B. $208.25
    C. $104.13 D. $1058.25

  6.   Which fraction is the best estimate for 58%?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  7.   Find 17% of 584.
    A. 99.28 B. 34.35
    C. 101.9 D. 82.25

  8.   Recently, basketball player Steve Nash made 231 free throws in 258 attempts. What percent of free throws did he make? Round to the nearest whole percent.
    A. 85% B. 95%
    C. 88% D. 90%

  9.   Kono conducted a survey of people 13 to 19 years of age and found that 23% listed their favorite activity as some sort of sport. There are 5,260 people in this age group in Komo's city. How many of them should Komo predict would list a sport as their favorite activity?
    A. 2287 B. 229
    C. 1,210 D. 120,980

  10.   At Central High School, the number of sophomores who rode the school bus decreased from 212 at the beginning of the school year to 94 at the end of the school year. Find the percent decrease for sophomores riding the school bus.
    A. 125.50% B. 79.70%
    C. 44.30% D. 55.70%

  11.   A certain container of mouthwash usually costs $2.99 at a store. If it is on sale for 20% off, how much does the mouthwash cost now?
    A. $2.40 B. $2.75
    C. $3.74 D. $2.77

  12.   The circle graph shows the results of a survey in which teenagers were asked to choose their favorite type of music. Predict how many of the 965 M.L.K. Jr. Middle School students prefer country music.
    A. 135 B. 241
    C. 212 D. 300

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