1.   During the first half of the year there were 54 students in the school's bicycling club. In the second half of the year the club had 68 members. Find the percent of increase in club membership to the nearest whole percent.
    A. 34% B. 26%
    C. 14% D. 21%

  2.   Find the sales tax for three CDs, if each CD is $14.29 and the sales tax is 7.25%.
    A. $3.34 B. $3.11
    C. $3.08 D. $3.86

  3.   An appliance store will sell televisions on credit with no payment due for 1 year from the date of purchase. What is the total cost of a $599 television after 1 year if the store charges 22.5% simple interest and no payments are made?
    A. $464.23 B. $772.91
    C. $134.78 D. $733.78

  4.   Ben asked some of his neighbors about their main type of exercise. Of those asked 21% said they walk or jog to keep fit. If 65,000 people live in Ben's city, how many people could be expected to walk or jog for exercise?
    A. 21,000 B. 51,350
    C. 35,480 D. 13,650

  5.   Find 17% of 584.
    A. 34.35 B. 82.25
    C. 101.9 D. 99.28

  6.   At Central High School, the number of sophomores who rode the school bus decreased from 212 at the beginning of the school year to 94 at the end of the school year. Find the percent decrease for sophomores riding the school bus.
    A. 55.70% B. 125.50%
    C. 79.70% D. 44.30%

  7.   Elvia can get a $10.28 discount on a $68.53 purchase at a certain department store because she works there. What percent discount does she get?
    A. 18% B. 85%
    C. 70% D. 15%

  8.   If you take out a loan for $550 at 7.2% simple interest and make no payments for 6 months, how much do you owe total?
    A. $569.80 B. $589.60
    C. $294.80 D. $946.00

  9.   Estimate 62% of 700.
    A. 400 B. 420
    C. 480 D. 360

  10.   Estimate % of 1,485.
    A. 15 B. 10
    C. 6 D. 12

  11.   82 is what percent of 463? Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 17.7% B. 177.1%
    C. 17.8% D. 1.8%

  12.   The bar graph shows survey results of the age of students who were first allowed to either walk or ride their bike to school alone. Suppose there are 4,240 students in the district. Predict how many of them were first allowed to walk or ride their bike to school alone when they were 10 years of age or older.
    A. 1,526 B. 1,502
    C. 1,560 D. 1,506

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