1.   What number is 28% of 520?
    A. 156 B. 131.25
    C. 145.6 D. 125

  2.   Forty percent of a number is 50. Find the number.
    A. 95 B. 70
    C. 125 D. 20

  3.   A fruit drink that was sold in 16-ounce containers is now sold in
20-ounce containers. What is the percent of change in quantity?
    A. 16% B. 20%
    C. 25% D. 4%

  4.   After changing its format, a radio station lost 34% of its listeners. If there were an estimated 83,000 listeners originally, how many listeners does the radio station have now?
    A. 125,758 B. 54,780
    C. 49,000 D. 28,220

  5.   Vladimir got 16 hits in 49 at-bats. About what percent of his at-bats resulted in hits?
    A. 40% B. 30%
    C. 10% D. 20%

  6.   Kono conducted a survey of people 13 to 19 years of age and found that 23% listed their favorite activity as some sort of sport. There are 5,260 people in this age group in Komo's city. How many of them should Komo predict would list a sport as their favorite activity?
    A. 120,980 B. 229
    C. 2287 D. 1,210

  7.   If a sweater costs $37.99, and the sales tax in the area is 6.0%, what is the total price of the sweater?
    A. $60.79 B. $35.84
    C. $23.75 D. $40.27

  8.   Elvia can get a $10.28 discount on a $68.53 purchase at a certain department store because she works there. What percent discount does she get?
    A. 70% B. 15%
    C. 85% D. 18%

  9.   If you invest $7,593 in an account that pays 5.6% simple interest, and you leave all of the money in the account, what is the balance of the account after 7 years?
    A. $56,127.46 B. $10,569.46
    C. $8,018.21 D. $531.51

  10.   If you take out a loan for $550 at 7.2% simple interest and make no payments for 6 months, how much do you owe total?
    A. $569.80 B. $589.60
    C. $294.80 D. $946.00

  11.   According to the 2000 Census, about 0.3% of the people in Indiana were of Native American descent. If Indiana has a population of 6,080,485, estimate the number of people who were of Native American descent.
    A. 18,000 B. 24,000
    C. 12,000 D. 30,000

  12.   The bar graph shows survey results of the age of students who were first allowed to either walk or ride their bike to school alone. Suppose there are 4,240 students in the district. Predict how many of them were first allowed to walk or ride their bike to school alone when they were 10 years of age or older.
    A. 1,502 B. 1,560
    C. 1,526 D. 1,506

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