1.   A survey taken by students in a social studies class showed that 53% of the students planned to vote for Kylie for student council president. If there are 680 students in the school, how many students planned to vote for Kylie?
    A. 317 B. 1283
    C. 627 D. 360

  2.   The manager of a computer store analyzed software sales by category for the past month. The results are shown below. If the manager plans to order 150 software packages for the upcoming month, how many of them should be home productivity?
    A. 38 B. 26
    C. 36 D. 32

  3.   Ben asked some of his neighbors about their main type of exercise. Of those asked 21% said they walk or jog to keep fit. If 65,000 people live in Ben's city, how many people could be expected to walk or jog for exercise?
    A. 51,350 B. 21,000
    C. 13,650 D. 35,480

  4.   There are 1942 students at West High School. Use the information in the table to determine how many students study less than 2 hours each day.
    A. 68 B. 689
    C. 680 D. 699

  5.   In a survey, 81% of teens said that they use the Internet to send E-mails. Predict how many of the 841,000 teens in Florida use the Internet to send E-mail.
    A. 6,812,100 B. 159,790
    C. 681,210 D. 68,121

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