1.   How much would a bicycle cost if it were marked down 15% from its original price of $289?
    A. $245.65 B. $340.00
    C. $43.35 D. $332.35

  2.   An electronics store has portable CD players on sale for $54.95. If the local sales tax is 6.5%, what is the total cost of a CD player?
    A. $51.38 B. $3.58
    C. $58.78 D. $58.53

  3.   A computer manufacturer offers a $400 rebate when you purchase one of its computers and sign up for an Internet account with them. If you buy a computer for $1199 and sign up for Internet access, what is the percent of the discount you receive?
    A. 25% B. 33%
    C. 67% D. 50%

  4.   Find the sales tax for three CDs, if each CD is $14.29 and the sales tax is 7.25%.
    A. $3.08 B. $3.11
    C. $3.34 D. $3.86

  5.   Elvia can get a $10.28 discount on a $68.53 purchase at a certain department store because she works there. What percent discount does she get?
    A. 70% B. 15%
    C. 18% D. 85%

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