1.   An electronics store has portable CD players on sale for $54.95. If the local sales tax is 6.5%, what is the total cost of a CD player?
    A. $58.53 B. $51.38
    C. $58.78 D. $3.58

  2.   If a sweater costs $37.99, and the sales tax in the area is 6.0%, what is the total price of the sweater?
    A. $60.79 B. $40.27
    C. $23.75 D. $35.84

  3.   A certain container of mouthwash usually costs $2.99 at a store. If it is on sale for 20% off, how much does the mouthwash cost now?
    A. $2.40 B. $2.75
    C. $3.74 D. $2.77

  4.   You want to buy one DVD for $24.99 and another for $19.99. What is the total price of both DVD's plus tax if sales tax is 6.75%?
    A. $47.85 B. $46.48
    C. $46.18 D. $48.02

  5.   Elvia can get a $10.28 discount on a $68.53 purchase at a certain department store because she works there. What percent discount does she get?
    A. 18% B. 85%
    C. 70% D. 15%

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