1.   The spinner below is spun and a number cube is tossed. Determine the number of outcomes.
    A. 60 B. 36
    C. 12 D. 6

  2.   The Standard Automotive car company offers its midsize car with
2 doors, 4 doors, or as a convertible. The car is available in 3 exterior colors and 2 interior colors. Find the number of different midsize cars the company can produce.
    A. 12 B. 24
    C. 18 D. 36

  3.   Four coins are tossed. How many outcomes have two tails and two heads?
    A. 10 B. 6
    C. 8 D. 16

  4.   Five coins are tossed. How many outcomes are there?
    A. 20 B. 10
    C. 16 D. 32

  5.   Suppose you toss three quarters. What is the probability that exactly two of the coins will show tails?
    A. B.
    C. D.

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