1.   The daily special at the House of Pies offers one of three featured pies and your choice of coffee, tea, milk or juice. How many ways can you order the special?
    A. 15 B. 7
    C. 12 D. 8

  2.   A music store has 2 new pop CDs, 3 new rap CDs, and 2 new rock CDs in this week. If you purchase 1 of each type, how many combinations are there?
    A. 12 B. 10
    C. 15 D. 7

  3.   The Standard Automotive car company offers its midsize car with
2 doors, 4 doors, or as a convertible. The car is available in 3 exterior colors and 2 interior colors. Find the number of different midsize cars the company can produce.
    A. 24 B. 36
    C. 12 D. 18

  4.   A computer store offers a computer with a 15-, 17-, or 19-inch monitor and an inkjet or laser printer. Make a tree diagram to show the different ways a computer can be sold with a monitor and printer.

  5.   The Millers’ have four children. What is the probability that the first three children were boys and the fourth child was a girl? Assume that the chance of having either a boy or a girl is 50%.
    A. B.
    C. D.

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