1.   Two coins are tossed and a number cube is rolled. How many outcomes are possible?
    A. 12 B. 18
    C. 24 D. 10

  2.   The daily special at the House of Pies offers one of three featured pies and your choice of coffee, tea, milk or juice. How many ways can you order the special?
    A. 12 B. 7
    C. 8 D. 15

  3.   The Standard Automotive car company offers its midsize car with
2 doors, 4 doors, or as a convertible. The car is available in 3 exterior colors and 2 interior colors. Find the number of different midsize cars the company can produce.
    A. 36 B. 24
    C. 18 D. 12

  4.   A sporting goods store sells ball caps in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Each hat is available in 5 colors and can be purchased with or without a logo. Find the number of combinations available.
    A. 20 B. 10
    C. 11 D. 40

  5.   Choose the situation that could not represent the tree diagram below.
    A. Two pennies were tossed at the same time.
    B. A penny, nickel, and dime were tossed at the same time.
    C. One dime was tossed twice one after the other.
    D. One nickel was tossed, then one quarter was tossed.

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