1.   How many ways can you order a pizza if you pick one from each choice; 4 sizes, 3 different crusts, 5 kinds of cheese, and 12 toppings?
    A. 60 B. 80
    C. 1440 D. 720

  2.   Students at Midtown Middle School can choose their schedule from 3 math courses, 3 science courses, 2 social studies courses, and 2 art courses. Determine the number of possible schedules that include one course in each subject area.
    A. 10 B. 36
    C. 20 D. 18

  3.   A minor-league baseball team had three players tryout for each of the nine positions. How many ways could the team be formed?
    A. 729 B. 19,683
    C. 6561 D. 27

  4.   The Mudville Heights High School football team has 8 plays from which to choose. On a certain drive, they had 6 plays. How many possible combinations of plays could they have used for that drive?
    A. 262,144 B. 48
    C. 20,161 D. 1,679,616

  5.   A certain sandwich shop allows you to pick any combination of their 8 toppings. How many different combinations are there?
    A. 1,024 B. 40,320
    C. 256 D. 16

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