1.   A minor-league baseball team had three players tryout for each of the nine positions. How many ways could the team be formed?
    A. 729 B. 19,683
    C. 6561 D. 27

  2.   Two number cubes are rolled, then a spinner with 4 different colors on it is spun twice, then two coins are flipped. How many total possible outcomes are there?
    A. 4096 B. 2,304
    C. 24 D. 46,656

  3.   In one popular game, five number cubes are rolled at the same time. If the number cubes are kept separate, what is the total possible number of outcomes?
    A. 360 B. 15,625
    C. 7,776 D. 30

  4.   A certain sandwich shop allows you to pick any combination of their 8 toppings. How many different combinations are there?
    A. 1,024 B. 256
    C. 16 D. 40,320

  5.   You want to buy a car. You have a choice of 5 different dealerships. Each dealership carries 3 different car companies. Each company provides 10 different models. Each model has 7 different colors. If you must choose one dealership, one company, one model, and one optional package, how many different cars do you have the opportunity to buy?
    A. 625 B. 4,096
    C. 320 D. 1,050

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