1.   An arrangement in which order is important is called a(n) ______.
    A. permutation B. outcome
    C. factorial D. compound event

  2.   Find the number of ways a family of 4 can stand next to each other for a photograph.
    A. 10 B. 76
    C. 120 D. 24

  3.   Eight ______ is the product of all the counting numbers beginning with eight and counting backward to one.
    A. factorial B. compound event
    C. outcome D. permutation

  4.   Compute 5!
    A. 120 B. 720
    C. 60 D. 15

  5.   Meghan owns 5 pairs of basketball shorts. If she wears a different pair every day for five days, how many different orders are there in which she could wear the shorts?
    A. 15 B. 24
    C. 60 D. 120

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