1.   All-Star Pizza offers a large pizza with any three toppings for $9.95. If you can choose from 13 different toppings, how many different pizzas are possible?
    A. 78 B. 1287
    C. 715 D. 286

  2.   An art gallery has 10 paintings to display. Six of the paintings are to be used for a new exhibit. Is this situation a permutation or combination? How many choices of paintings are possible?
    A. combination; 210 B. permutation; 210
    C. combination; 151,200 D. permutation; 151,200

  3.   If you have 10 CDs, and you want to take three of them with you on a road trip, how many different possibilities are there for which three you bring?
    A. 120 B. 3
    C. 604,800 D. 10

  4.   You have an assignment for an art class to paint a painting using only four colors. Visiting an art store, you find 20 colors from which to choose. How many different combinations of colors are there?
    A. 74 B. 24
    C. 4,845 D. 116,280

  5.   You have tests coming up soon in all your classes. You have six schoolbooks that you could take home, but only room for four in your backpack. How many different combinations of schoolbooks can you take home in your backpack?
    A. 15 B. 4
    C. 30 D. 24

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