1.   From a group of six students, four are to be chosen to form a committee. In how many ways can the committee be chosen?
    A. 360 B. 720
    C. 15 D. 30

  2.   All-Star Pizza offers a large pizza with any three toppings for $9.95. If you can choose from 13 different toppings, how many different pizzas are possible?
    A. 715 B. 286
    C. 1287 D. 78

  3.   A group of 10 students is to be divided into 2 groups of 5. How many ways is this possible?
    A. 252 B. 10
    C. 30,240 D. 120

  4.   Which situation is a combination?
    A. The number of ways 50 people can line up to enter a concert hall.
    B. The number of ways 3 books can be displayed in a store window.
    C. The number of ways a coach can choose 3 co-captains for a soccer team.
    D. The number of ways a committee can choose a president, vice-president, and treasurer.

  5.   Ten students are playing in a chess tournament. If each student plays every other student once, how many total games are played?
    A. 45 B. 30
    C. 120 D. 90

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