1.   How many ways can 3 CDs be selected from a stack of 7 different CDs?
    A. 5040 B. 35
    C. 245 D. 6

  2.   A group of 10 students is to be divided into 2 groups of 5. How many ways is this possible?
    A. 10 B. 252
    C. 120 D. 30,240

  3.   You have tests coming up soon in all your classes. You have six schoolbooks that you could take home, but only room for four in your backpack. How many different combinations of schoolbooks can you take home in your backpack?
    A. 4 B. 15
    C. 24 D. 30

  4.   While at a local video rental store, 5 movies catch your eye, but you only want to rent 2. How many combinations are there?
    A. 2 B. 20
    C. 5 D. 10

  5.   Ten students are playing in a chess tournament. If each student plays every other student once, how many total games are played?
    A. 90 B. 30
    C. 45 D. 120

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