1.   An arrangement in which order is not important is a(n) ________.
    A. permutation B. combination
    C. factorial D. outcome

  2.   From a group of six students, four are to be chosen to form a committee. In how many ways can the committee be chosen?
    A. 30 B. 360
    C. 720 D. 15

  3.   How many ways can 3 CDs be selected from a stack of 7 different CDs?
    A. 245 B. 35
    C. 5040 D. 6

  4.   An art gallery has 10 paintings to display. Six of the paintings are to be used for a new exhibit. Is this situation a permutation or combination? How many choices of paintings are possible?
    A. combination; 210 B. combination; 151,200
    C. permutation; 151,200 D. permutation; 210

  5.   Which situation is a combination?
    A. The number of ways a coach can choose 3 co-captains for a soccer team.
    B. The number of ways 50 people can line up to enter a concert hall.
    C. The number of ways 3 books can be displayed in a store window.
    D. The number of ways a committee can choose a president, vice-president, and treasurer.

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