1.   You rode your bike 3 miles to school. After school, you rode 5 miles to the store and then 2 miles home. How many miles did you ride today?
    A. 8 B. 5
    C. 7 D. 10

  2.   How can a line graph be used to make predictions?
    A. It has vertical and horizontal scales.
    B. It shows a trend over time.
    C. It displays data.
    D. It has a title.

  3.   The mean is the _______ of a set of numbers.
    A. most frequent B. middle number
    C. highest number D. arithmetic average

  4.   Solve 5x = 40.
    A. 9 B. 8
    C. 6 D. 35

  5.   Write an algebraic expression for the phrase t decreased by 7.
    A. t + 7 B. t 7
    C. t × 7 D. t ÷ 7

  6.   Sometimes you can simplify fractions before you multiply them. How would you simplify before finding the product?
    A. Divide 5 and 16 by 5. B. Divide 16 and 24 by 8.
    C. Divide 3, 16 and 24 by 3. D. Divide 3 and 24 by 3.

  7.   Solve .
    A. 30 B. 28
    C. 27 D. 26

  8.   Anna lives in San Francisco, and she has a business partner in Washington, D.C. Sometimes she flies to Washington for meetings; San Francisco and Washington, D.C., are 2438 miles apart. In August, Anna flies to Washington and back twice. What is a good estimate of the number of miles she has flown in August?
    A. 2500 miles B. 1000 miles
    C. 10000 miles D. 5000 miles

  9.   Choose an appropriate scale for the data
69, 72, 121, 81, 98.
    A. 70 to 100 B. 40 to 100
    C. 70 to 120 D. 65 to 125

  10.   Express 16 per 100 as a percent.
    A. 8% B. 16%
    C. 0.16% D. 32%

  11.   Express as a percent.
    A. 3% B. 6%
    C. 12% D. 15%

  12.   Find the absolute value of 0.
    A. 0 B.
    C. 2 D. -1

  13.   Write the inequality that is graphed on the number line below.
    A. x -3 B. x > -3
    C. x < -3 D. x -3

  14.   Choose the equation for the graph below.
    A. y = 2x - 2 B. y = 4x - 2
    C. y = x - 3 D. y = 3x - 3

  15.   Often, overgrown fields of tall grass are burned down because it both controls the length of the grass and replenishes the soil with the nutrients from the plants. If a field is burned down one year, and has grown to 6 feet tall again in years, how many feet, on average, did the field grow each year.
    A. B.
    C. D. 28

  16.   Which pair of ratios is not equivalent?
    A. and B. and
    C. and D. and

  17.   The pie graph shows the percentage of people found in a survey to prefer certain colors of candy to others. Write the percentage of people who preferred red candy as a decimal.
    A. 5.0 B. 0.5
    C. 2.1 D. 0.21

  18.   The scatter plot shows the number of students per computer in U.S. public schools. Assume the number of students stays the same throughout the years. Choose the statement that best describes the data.
    A. Their are more computers in schools in 1990 than their were in 2000.
    B. In the future, their will be 0 students per computer.
    C. In the future, their will be more students per computer.
    D. There are more computers in schools in 2000 than their were in 1990.

  19.   Which set of rational numbers is ordered from least to greatest?
    A. , 0.6, 73%,
    B. 0.6, , 73%,
    C. 0.6, , , 73%
    D. , 73%, , 0.6

  20.   The Niles Park District has 140 children signed up to play Little League Baseball. The makeup of the league is shown in the table. If one child is picked at random, what is the probability that they are 9 or 11 years old? Write as a fraction in simplest form.
    A. B.
    C. D.

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