1.   Suppose that in , a = 13, b = 11, and = 62. To solve the triangle, you would first use the ____.
    A. Law of Cosines B. Sierpinski Triangle
    C. Law of Sines D. Pythagorean Theorem

  2.   In , j = 10, k = 7, and = 5. What is to the nearest tenth?
    A. 40.5 B. 139.5
    C. 27.7 D. 111.8

  3.   In , n = 8, m = 16, and = 32. Find to the nearest tenth.
    A. 132.6 B. 15.4
    C. 24.7 D. 123.3

  4.   Golf On a 180-yard hole, a golfer hits the ball 175 yards, 3° off-line. How far is the ball from the cup?
    A. 10.6 yd B. 15.0 yd
    C. 12.2 yd D. 42.1 yd

  5.   Mike and Veronica are camping, and they have decided to build a small tower at their campsite, using just ropes and wooden poles. One of the poles is 11 feet long, and they want to anchor it into the ground with a rope. One end of the rope will be attached to the top of the pole, and the other end will be anchored in the ground in a spot 15 feet from the base of the pole. If they want the pole to lean away from the anchor at an 80° angle with the ground, how far will the rope have to reach, to the nearest tenth of a foot?
    A. 12.7 feet B. 17 feet
    C. 22.5 feet D. 20.1 feet

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