1.   What is tan P? Round to the nearest thousandth.
    A. 2.400 B. 0.385
    C. 0.417 D. 0.923

  2.   Determine the measure of to the nearest degree.
    A. 41° B. 25°
    C. 28° D. 62°

  3.   Determine m to the nearest degree.
    A. 75° B. 44°
    C. 46° D. 14°

  4.   Find AB. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 56.3 m B. 32.2 m
    C. 8.9 m D. 54.5 m

  5.   A 4.5-ft tall girl is standing 22 ft from a tree and sees her Frisbee stuck at the top of the 36-ft tree. What is the angle of elevation from the girl's line of sight to the Frisbee? Round to the nearest degree.
    A. 55° B. 31°
    C. 35° D. 59°

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