1.   Which angle is adjacent to KCL ?
    A. ACJ B. JCK
    C. BCL D. KCB

  2.   Do AMB and HMJ form a linear pair. Explain.
    A. No; the angles are not the same measure. B. Yes; two noncommon sides are opposite rays.
    C. No; the angles are not adjacent. D. Yes; the angles have the same vertex and have opposite rays.

  3.   Which angle forms a linear pair with TRP?
    A. LRM B. TRN
    C. LRT D. MRP

  4.   Identify the pair of angles, 1 and 2, as a linear pair, adjacent pair, or neither in as many ways as possible.
    A. only adjacent B.
    C. neither D. linear and adjacent angles

  5.   Name two angles that are adjacent to MRN.
    A. TRP and LRT B. TRP and PRN
    C. LRM and PRN D. LRM and LRT

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