1.   Find an angle that forms a linear pair with 4.
    A. GMH B. GMA
    C. AMH D. HMB

  2.   Do AMB and HMJ form a linear pair. Explain.
    A. No; the angles are not the same measure. B. Yes; the angles have the same vertex and have opposite rays.
    C. No; the angles are not adjacent. D. Yes; two noncommon sides are opposite rays.

  3.   Name two angles that are adjacent to WTV.
    A. 2 and 3 B. WTV and 3
    C. 1 and 3 D. 1 and 2

  4.   Which angle forms a linear pair with TRP?
    A. LRT B. MRP
    C. LRM D. TRN

  5.   Identify the pair of angles, 1 and 2, as a linear pair, adjacent pair, or neither in as many ways as possible.
    A. B. linear and adjacent angles
    C. neither D. only adjacent

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