1.   The price of a computer system at an electronics store is $1099. Determine the percent of change in price if the computer system sold for $1349 a month earlier.
    A. 22.7% decrease B. 18.5% increase
    C. 18.5% decrease D. 22.7% increase

  2.   During the first half of the year there were 54 students in the school's bicycling club. In the second half of the year the club had 68 members. Find the percent of increase in club membership to the nearest whole percent.
    A. 21% B. 34%
    C. 26% D. 14%

  3.   Al's Quick Mart sells milk for $1.99 per gallon, but they used to sell it for $2.79. What is the percent decrease in the price?
    A. 71.30% B. 39.70%
    C. 40.20% D. 28.70%

  4.   At Central High School, the number of sophomores who rode the school bus decreased from 212 at the beginning of the school year to 94 at the end of the school year. Find the percent decrease for sophomores riding the school bus.
    A. 125.50% B. 79.70%
    C. 44.30% D. 55.70%

  5.   The table shows how many people attended each football home game at a certain university. Which statement is supported by the information in the table?
    A. Fewer people came to each game. B. The percent of decrease from the first to the last game is about 25%.
    C. The greatest percent of increase was from game 2 to game 3. D. The percent of increase from the first to the last game is about 25%.