1.   A fruit drink that was sold in 16-ounce containers is now sold in
20-ounce containers. What is the percent of change in quantity?
    A. 16% B. 20%
    C. 25% D. 4%

  2.   The price of a computer system at an electronics store is $1099. Determine the percent of change in price if the computer system sold for $1349 a month earlier.
    A. 22.7% decrease B. 18.5% decrease
    C. 22.7% increase D. 18.5% increase

  3.   In 1990, an automobile dealership sold a certain model car for $14,649. In 2000, they sold the same model car for $23,609. Find the percent increase.
    A. 38.00% B. 61.20%
    C. 62.00% D. 24.60%

  4.   In May, there were 157 people living in Kristin's neighborhood. By August, the population had increased 21%. How many people were in Kristin's neighborhood by August?
    A. 330 B. 190
    C. 33 D. 1900

  5.   The table shows how many people attended each football home game at a certain university. Which statement is supported by the information in the table?
    A. The percent of decrease from the first to the last game is about 25%. B. The percent of increase from the first to the last game is about 25%.
    C. The greatest percent of increase was from game 2 to game 3. D. Fewer people came to each game.