1.   After changing its format, a radio station lost 34% of its listeners. If there were an estimated 83,000 listeners originally, how many listeners does the radio station have now?
    A. 28,220 B. 125,758
    C. 49,000 D. 54,780

  2.   The average price for gasoline rose from $2.85 to $3.24 in one day. Find the percent increase.
    A. 12% B. 21.4%
    C. 13.7% D. 39%

  3.   Al's Quick Mart sells milk for $1.99 per gallon, but they used to sell it for $2.79. What is the percent decrease in the price?
    A. 39.70% B. 40.20%
    C. 28.70% D. 71.30%

  4.   In 1990, an automobile dealership sold a certain model car for $14,649. In 2000, they sold the same model car for $23,609. Find the percent increase.
    A. 38.00% B. 24.60%
    C. 61.20% D. 62.00%

  5.   The table shows how many people attended each football home game at a certain university. Which statement is supported by the information in the table?
    A. The percent of decrease from the first to the last game is about 25%. B. The percent of increase from the first to the last game is about 25%.
    C. Fewer people came to each game. D. The greatest percent of increase was from game 2 to game 3.