1.   Which statement is true?
    A. Any two right triangles are similar. B. Any two equilateral triangles are similar.
    C. Any two triangles are similar. D. Any two isosceles triangles are similar.

  2.   In the figure, || Find the value of x.
    A. 6 B. 12
    C. 8 D. 7.2

  3.   The two triangles shown are similar by __________.
    A. AA Similarity B. ASA Similarity
    C. SAS Similarity D. SSS Similarity

  4.   What is the measure of ?
    A. 7.2 B. 8.75
    C. 9 D. 5.14

  5.   What is a property that similarity of triangles does not have?
    A. transitive B. symmetric
    C. reflexive D. commutative