1.   How large is each interval in the histogram below?
    A. 1,000 B. 100
    C. 500 D. 200

  2.   From the histogram below, which age interval had the most attendees?
    A. 60-64 B. 45-49
    C. 50-54 D. 55-59

  3.   The line graph below represents the top wind speeds of Hurricane Gordon in 1999. Between which two days did the maximum wind speed increase the most?
    A. September 16–September 17 B. September 7–September 8
    C. September 10–September 11 D. September 11–September 12

  4.   The following table lists the population of Alaska from 1900–2000. Draw a bar graph of the data.
    A. B.
    C. D.

  5.   Which type of graph would you use if the data was divided into equal intervals, and the height of each bar showed the number of data values in that interval?
    A. pictograph B. histogram
    C. line graph D. bar graph