1.   In a stem-and-leaf plot, ______.
    A. a key is used to describe what the numbers in the plot represent.
    B. the stems are on the right side and the leaves are on the left side
    C. 0 can never be a stem
    D. 0 can never be a leaf

  2.   Find the mean for the data set
99, 103, 140, 153, 109, 92, 125, 110, 140.
    A. 119 B. 140
    C. 61 D. 110

  3.   Refer to the set of data below. If 15 were removed from the set of data, which values would change?
    A. mode B. range
    C. range and mean D. mean, median, and range

  4.   Find the median of {55, 21, 21, 69, 71}.
    A. 47.4 B. 55
    C. 21 D. 71

  5.   A line plot gives a fairly good representation of the distribution of data.
    A. False, because not all of the data is represented.
    B. True
    C. False, because the data that occurs the most is not shown.
    D. False, the best distribution is always shown with a circle graph.