1.   You are about to conduct a survey on Internet usage of the students in your school. From the different types of questions you might ask of the students, which one would not be related to your survey.
    A. Do students have a computer at home?
    B. How much time do the students typically spend on the Internet each day?
    C. Do boys and girls like different Internet activities?
    D. What are the students' favorite activities on the Internet?

  2.   What statistical measure(s) would you use if you wanted to know the answer to this question on a survey: What are the students' favorite sports?
    A. median B. all answers are correct
    C. mode D. mean

  3.   What type of graph would you use if you were comparing data for two groups?
    A. double bar graph B. histogram
    C. bar graph D. pictograph

  4.   What data would you display using a stacked bar graph?
    A. the number of sunny and cloudy days in January, February, and March
    B. the number of colors in a set of markers
    C. the number of commuter trains leaving the station at 7:00 A.M. and at 7:30 A.M.
    D. the number of computers in a classroom

  5.   The stacked bar graph shows the number of wins each of three intramural hockey teams had in four consecutive years. Which two teams had the same number of wins in the same season?
    A. Bears and Hawks, 1998 B. Hawks and Cheetahs, 1999
    C. Cheetahs and Bears, 1997 D. Bears and Cheetahs, 2000