1.   For the questions taken from a survey below, which one would be useful to include a graph with the answer to the question?
    A. How many students have ever made pizza by themselves?
    B. Do students tend to have pizza delivered?
    C. What are the students' favorite pizza toppings?
    D. Do students like pineapple on their pizza?

  2.   What statistical measure(s) would you use if you wanted to know the answer to this question on a survey: How many hours do students typically spend on homework every night?
    A. all answers are correct B. median
    C. mode D. mean

  3.   What data would you display using a stacked bar graph?
    A. the number of sunny and cloudy days in January, February, and March
    B. the number of colors in a set of markers
    C. the number of commuter trains leaving the station at 7:00 A.M. and at 7:30 A.M.
    D. the number of computers in a classroom

  4.   The following Chapter 6 test scores, out of 100 points, were taken from the fourth period class. Which type of graph would you not want to use to display the results?
86, 79, 92, 96, 88, 85, 80, 88, 83, 77, 81, 72, 90, 69, 89
    A. histogram B. line plot
    C. stem-and-leaf-plot D. stacked bar graph

  5.   The stacked bar graph shows the number of wins each of three intramural hockey teams had in four consecutive years. Which team had the most wins?
    A. 1997 Hawks B. 1999 Bears
    C. 2000 Bears D. 1999 Cheetahs